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Monday, September 5, 2011

Becoming a coach part one

i have been wanting to become an ADD/ADHD coach as i witnessed the power of coaching in my own life. i witnessed myself grow, become stronger, more successful, able to whether all that my life threw at me. it helped me keep going in the midst of being on the verge of homelessness, it kept me going in work, it kept me going in school, it kept me alive. it kept me from drowning, healed old and new wounds, allowed me to go from being my own worse enemy to my own best advocate. it helped me learn to manage my life and my time. it help me learn how to get to appointments and classes on time. it helped me separate out my identity not only from my ADHD, but also my pain, my identity of being an "overcomer", it helped me find my core. it helped me bring out my beauty, it helped me learn to articulate and express my emotions and thoughts. it allowed me to learn what my needs are and what my values are. it helped me how to live with others, it helped me develop good strong self-awareness. it gave me a place where i could be understood by someone. it gave me someone i felt safe have help me compassionately track my progress and learn how to get things done. it is the very thing i want to pass on to others.

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