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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my vision for this blog

I want this to be a place where my clients, ADD/ADHD individuals and prospective clients to find great tips and connect with other ADDers. I want to help my fellow ADDers to have a place to gain pride and awareness surrounding ADHD, in general and personally.

I have severe AD/HD myself and have been diagnosed and treated for nearly a decade now. It has been a long, difficult road towards a healthy, self-respecting ADDitude. I have read 40 plus books on ADD/ADHD, I have been with my psychiatrist since 2002 and I went through 4 years of ADD/ADHD coaching myself. I also have been diagnosed with 4 1/2 out of the 6 types of ADD, that have been identified by Dr. Daniel Amen. Plus I also have depression, which is well controlled by my meds. And I had PTSD, which I went through EMDR for. Furthermore, I was born with multiple birth challenges ( aka. "defects"). I have overcome a wide variety of challenges over my life time.

I am in training to become an ADD/ADHD coach. I am a member of CHADD. I have a facebook group on facebook under another account called "ADHD Support and Information", I write a weekly digest for another ADD/ADHD facebook group, I am an admin/moderator for ADDer World (this is a social network specially designed for people with ADD/ADHD and their family and friends, and so forth). Further, I am a member of Women with ADD ADHD and Moms with ADD/ADHD. I have taken several neuroscience, psychology, physics, and biology classes over the years. I also have another ADD/ADHD blog where I voice my ADD voice. I have an AA degree and I am trying to transfer to University of Arizona, where I plan to major in Biophysics.

I am going to be providing a list of various resources, articles, links, books, and so forth. I have had to use all of these things in order to make my life work for me. I have used and invented a wide variety of strategies for my myriad of challenges. I have shared them and helped others strategize to help them overcome their challenges as well. One of my biggest passions is to help people overcome and shine and thrive. I can share some stories as well both personal and with permission friends' stories as well.

If you have any questions about me or my background, please feel free to ask me.

Sarah Gogstetter

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