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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick protein snacks

Often, we forget to eat or we snack on empty junk food. In our busy lives and our ADD/ADHD it is difficult enough just getting through the day let alone meeting our basic needs. I have found some quick protein snacks can go a long way to helping me focus clearly. Here are some ideas of quick protein snacks.

  1. Spoonful of peanut butter
  2. Handful of peanuts, nuts, and/or mixture of both
  3. Cheese and crackers
  4. A slice of lunch meat
  5. Humus and crackers or pita bread
  6. Canned tuna, salmon, or any other fish and crackers
  7. Chicken spread and crackers
  8. String cheese, cheese sticks, or a chunk of cheese
  9. Glass of milk or chocolate milk
  10. Hard boiled eggs
  11. Canned chicken
  12. Cottage cheese, I like to eat this with crackers
  13. Can of baked beans or chili beans microwaved
  14. In a bind, peanut M&M's, Snickers, or protein bars
  15. Trail mix
  16. Yogurt, so I've heard
I recommend getting some wheat thins or whole grain crackers, but in a pinch any crackers might work. I like to get crackers that have some kick to them. Most of these snack ideas can be done on any budget and require little effort. I haven't tried some of the dairy ones like a glass of milk or yogurt to allergies, but there is enough variety here to choose from. All of these ideas take little planning and can give you enough protein to help you sustain focus even when your life is hectic. 

I am not saying that this replaces treatment in any manner, nor am I implying that ADD/ADHD is caused by diet. These are merely meant as strategies to help make better, but not necessarily perfect, snack choices.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Household chores made fun!?!

I have struggled my whole life with doing chores and contributing around the house. I have never, ever come up with a strategy for helping me to get basic tasks done until about a month ago. Actually, I didn't come up with this strategy, my mom did.

The strategy goes like this: she gives me a list of chores to do. She assigns a unit value to each chore and the goal is to complete 5 units per day. I get to choose which chores I do, the timing of them with in reason and it's not an overwhelming amount. The units are based on how much completing them helps out around the house.

The beauty of this strategy for getting stuff done around the house is that it can be easily turned into a game or a contest. If using it with children, you could set it up so that after so many units, they get to do something fun or some other reward. Actually, this probably could be fun for an adult.

Another beauty of this strategy it adds a little bit structure to helping out around the house. Also with a little bit of tweaking, it might also work with other tasks such as work, household projects, school work, etc.

I oddly enough, enjoy completing the 5 units. I even try to see how fast I can complete the 5 units. I encourage you to experiment with this strategy and make it fun. Yes, I know, but you can oddly enough enjoy and have fun doing chores.