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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AD/HD education-How ADHD Coach can help

What would you like to know about ADHD? Do you know what it is, how it shows up, when it shows up and how it impacts your life or the life of someone you know? If you are diagnosed have you read any books, joined websites, support groups, watch videos,? Where do you find your information? Do you know what type of services and resources can help you manage your ADHD and even enjoy it?

There are lots of resources and services available to make life with ADD/ADHD fun, exciting and fulfilling. There's medication, therapy, coaching, websites, eNewsletters, blogs, social networks, facebook pages and groups, twitter and so forth. Education entails learning about the basic neurology and symptoms of ADHD, learning what it looks like generally and personally. A good, well trained ADD/ADHD coach can help you learn about your ADHD and help you build a life that you want. An ADD/ADHD coach provides support, helps you learn strategies, about the ADD/ADHD brain, develop better self-awareness and build a life that helps you harness all your strengths. You learn that you aren't "broken", or defective, but uniquely wired. You learn it's ok to do things differently, to be curious and do more of what you enjoy and build a healthy, positive outlook on life. My coach helped me with all of these things and more. I would love to help others do the same.

I am now an ADD/ADHD coach. I can give you the same if you would like. Send me a email sarah.gogstetter@gmail.com or find me on Skype: sarah.gogstetter is my Skype name. We can set up a complementary session.

I'm offering 2 packages:
  1. Those who sign up for at least 3 months coaching will get 2 weeks free. 
  2. Those who sign up for at least 6 months coaching will get 1 month free.
I will offer these packages until 12/31/13. My fees are reasonable and I have sliding scale. Mention this blog post in your email or Skype message to get the packages.. :)

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