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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why is self-care so important?

Why do I harp on the idea of self-care? What is the big deal? Can't I get through the here and now before I take care of myself? How can I take care of myself, when I don't have time? " I got deadlines looming and responsibilities. I can't stop to eat, drink, sleep or relax or take a break. I don't have time to get organized and plan."

How long do you intend to put off taking care of yourself? I know we have responsibilities and people need us. I know we have to work, go to school, take care of our kids and our partners/spouses. I know we have to study and get ready for tests. I know we have to get our projects in by a certain time at work. I know kids need their parents. I know our customers/clients/parishioners need us. However, if we never take time to take care of our needs too, we will become depleted of resources and we develop health problems. A cell phone battery is great and can keep you connected until the battery runs out of energy. However, it will not be of any use unless you take time out to recharge it's battery. Fortunately, you can recharge the battery and keep going. Well us human need to take time to recharge our batteries no matter how busy, stressed or overwhelmed we are.

How do we recharge our batteries? We can recharge our batteries by remembering to eat healthy most of the time, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, getting enough sleep, taking care of our medical challenges to the best of our ability, and taking time for recreation and spending time with people we love. Take time to get out and move around, make sure you replace electrolytes when you've been sweating, eat a high protein breakfast, and enjoy life. Set up your environment and lifestyle so that you can move forward.

ADHD can make practicing good self-care harder because of the lack of self-awareness, distractibility, tendency to get hooked on the interesting stuff, losing track of time and so forth. An ADHD coach can help you develop systems, strategies, and supports to help you learn more about yourself and succeed in your life. If you're interested in taking this further, email me at sarah.gogstetter@gmail.com so that we can get to know each other and set up a free complementary session, to determine if we are a good match.

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