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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Samantha Who?

I watched the tv show called "Samantha Who?" on Netflix recently. The show is about a woman, who was successful and mean until she was hit by a car. She suffered a head injury, was in a coma for 8 days, and woke up from the coma with retrograde amnesia.

Following the coma and the amnesia, she had to relearn everything and became a compassionate, lovable and loving woman. She was able to make amends with her family and friends, and had a strong desire to help people.

She was given a fresh start, a clean slate, to start over. She was able to become a new person, learning who she truly was without her past memories hindering her. She went on to be successful woman again all arenas in her life. She developed strategies and a healthier set of life skills.

My challenge to you is to imagine what you would do if you were unhindered by your past, your stories, and who you and every one else thinks/believes you are. What would your dreams look like? What would your relationships look like? Who do you see yourself being? What tools and supports do you need to succeed?

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